A History Of Cranes And 4 Jobs That You Can Use Them For

Cranes are used in many different industries and have been used for thousands of years to make life a little easier. 

The History of Cranes 

Cranes have been around in their most basic form since ancient times and were first used to lift water. Later cranes were used in ancient Greece to aid in construction. Early cranes were powered by animals, and later, in the Roman Empire, cranes were developed to be powered by a human-operated treadmill that was more powerful than any crane technology that had come before. It wasn't until around 1000 A.D. that harbor cranes were invented to help load and unload heavy crates and pallets from ships. In the 1800s, steam-powered cranes began to appear and changed the face of the industry. Today, there are many kinds of cranes, from hydraulic powered lifts to electric motorized cranes.

Jobs for Cranes

Cranes are used for all sorts of jobs and in all sorts of industries. Take a look at these 4 jobs that use cranes: 

1. Construction

All sorts of construction jobs require cranes. Cranes are used to lift heavy loads of lumber, steel, or stone in many jobs. Cranes are used in particular when the construction job is tall like a high rise or heavy duty, like an industrial building. Cranes are often used to hoist steel beams into place and hold them there until they are secured. Smaller jobs also use cranes to move building materials; a crane can make a hard job much easier. 

2. Shipping

Cranes are used for shipping to move goods from a loading dock onto ships or off a ship onto a loading dock. Usually, the goods being shipped are inside steel shipping containers that weigh a lot in their own right. Cranes can maneuver a shipping container across a dock with ease. 

3. Salvage 

Cranes are used in underwater salvage operations. When a ship or plane has gone down in a lake or ocean, cranes can be used to pull parts of the wreckage up from the water. Salvaging old pieces of sunken ships is a job that would be impossible without the use of a crane. 

4. Bridge Building

Building bridges can be a tricky business; you are often dealing simultaneously with heights and water. Cranes make bridge building possible. Cranes are able to lift heavy steel rails and beams out over the water or a steep drop to be secured.

If you need cranes for your project, contact a local seller or rental service.

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