3 Signs You Should Choose A Pad-Mounted Industrial Transformer

If you are looking to purchase an industrial transformer to help with power management within your business, one thing that you could be wondering is whether you should choose a pad-mounted or pole-mounted option. Either type of transformer can have its benefits, but in many businesses, a pad-mounted transformer is the superior choice. These are a few signs that this might be the case within your place of business as well. 

1. You're Concerned About Safety

For one thing, you have to worry about the safety of the people who work with your transformers or who will be around them. Pole-mounted transformers can be more dangerous because they generally have visible power lines running to and from them. If a power line falls, for example, you have to worry about someone potentially being shocked. Additionally, when workers are working with the transformer, they may have to work around live electrical wires. With pad-mounted transformers, however, the wires are buried underground. This helps protect passersby, and it even helps protect those who work on or around the transformers, since they will not be exposed to as many live wires when working. Instead, the majority of each wire will be underground.

2. You're Concerned About Aesthetics

Some people are not overly concerned about aesthetics when it comes to their factories and other industrial businesses. After all, boilers and machinery aren't necessarily known for being aesthetically attractive. However, if you would like for the outside of your grounds to look as nice as possible for your employees and the people who drive and walk past your industrial business on a daily basis, then you may want to consider a pad-mounted transformer. Having live wires running to and from a pole-mounted transformer can be an eyesore. However, with a pad-mounted transformer, everything can be kept underground, making for a much nicer and neater appearance. This can help you make your business more attractive.

3. You're Concerned About Power Outages

Of course, power outages can happen no matter what. However, if you would like to reduce the chances of them happening so that you can reduce the impact on your business, you might find that installing pad-mounted transformers can help. Then, since the wires are underground, you don't have to worry as much about things like the weather having an impact on the lines and causing you to experience a power outage inside of your place of business.

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