Tips For Getting The Most Use Out Of Your Service Truck

When it comes to saving time and money in your small construction business, starting with the little things can make a big difference. If you are considering the addition of a service body truck to your fleet, making the right choices about it is important. Follow these tips for getting the service body you can get the most time and money-saving use out of.

Take Your Time Choosing A Service Body

Avoid buying the first service body you look at because it could end up not being the one best for your needs. Think about the kinds of tools you will haul every day and consider how well organized you could keep those tools in the space provided in a service body. Bear in mind that keeping your tools organized on a service body truck can save time looking for lost tools when you are on a job site. Remember also the space you might need for ladders and larger equipment like generators.

Think About Service Body Security Enclosures

Most service body trucks come with an open-end tailgate. However, if you will be hauling tools that need to be protected from the elements, choosing one with a sliding cover is the best way to go. An enclosed service body is also a good idea if your truck will be in areas known for high theft and crime rates. Choosing the service truck body that will allow you to lock up your tools is a good idea.

Service Body Materials Are An Important Consideration

If you live and work in a region that is known for bad weather in the winter, you may be driving your service body truck on salted roads a great deal of time. Choosing a material that is immune to salt corrosion is important to get the long-lasting use out of your service body. Avoid steel service bodies if you are likely to be driving in salty air a lot of time or on roads that are salted for melting ice and snow. Fiberglass and aluminum make great choices for drivers that live near the ocean or in areas prone to severe winter weather.

Don't Forget Off-Road Job Sites And Your Service Body Truck

You may require a four-wheel drive vehicle to get to many of your job sites. If you need a four-wheel drive service body truck, the service body you select may need to have modifications for properly fitting on a four-wheel drive chassis. While you may need to invest more into a modification, the investment is worthwhile when you are traveling over rough terrain to get to your job.

Having a service body truck can have a lot of benefits for you and your crew, especially when you are working in remote areas. Taking the time to select the service body best for your needs is worth the time and money you out into it. For more information on service bodies, contact a company like Koenig Body & Equipment Inc.

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