Problematic Dump Truck Bed Hydraulic Hoists

Has the bed of your dump truck suddenly stopped lifting as high up as it should? You might need to hire a professional to inspect the condition of the hydraulic hoists, as they must be functional in order for the bed to lift up. The article below will explain what can go wrong with the hydraulic system in a dump truck that interferes with the hoists lifting the bed up.

More Hydraulic Fluid is Needed

Hydraulic fluid is one of the main things that are needed for the hoists to lift the bed of a dump truck up. If you have recently put hydraulic fluid in the dump truck, it doesn't mean that there is a sufficient amount inside. It is possible that the fluid leaks out of the hydraulic lines and interferes with how well the hoists are able to function. A hydraulic fluid leak can stem from several things, including damaged lines, loose fittings or cracks in the cylinder. Getting the dump truck inspected is the best way to get to the bottom of the problem before spending money on unnecessary repairs.

No Power to the Pump

The hoists attached to the bed cannot move if the pump is not working, and you should be able to hear the pump running when you press the lift button in your dump truck. If you press the button and don't hear anything, it is possible that the pump should be replaced. However, the pump solenoid should be inspected before you spend money on a new pump. The solenoid must get power from the battery in order to power the pump up, and it is possible that the battery is dead. If the battery isn't dead, there could be a wiring problem that is preventing it from sending power to the solenoid.

A Hose is Damaged

The hoses on a dump truck must be in good shape for the hoists to lift the bed up. When a dump truck is out in the sun a lot, the hoses are exposed to high levels of ultraviolet radiation. The heat created from ultraviolet radiation may have caused one or more hoses to deteriorate. If the hoses are not in good shape, hydraulic fluid may leak out or have a hard time flowing through to components. Get in touch with a hydraulics repair contractor so he or she can inspect the hydraulic hoists and determine why they are unable to lift the dump truck bed.

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