Jaw Crusher Vs. Cone Crusher

Getting at the ore within a rock is not an easy task. In order to increase production, you need a quick way to break down rocks so that you can extract the ore you are after. Jaw crushers have been around for years and have a loyal following, but cone crushers offer enough features that they are worth considering. Choosing between the two types of crushers will depend on the needs of your operation.

Jaw Crushers

To understand how a jaw crusher works, picture a nutcracker. You have two arms which are fixed at one end to create a pivot point. You insert the nut you want to crack then exert pressure at the free end of the arms. In similar fashion, a jaw crusher will have a fixed arm and free arm that meet at a pivot point. Because the upper arm slopes away from the bottom arm, it allows the crusher to accept large diameter rocks as they enter at the wide end of the V. As the rocks proceed down the crusher to the narrow end, the crusher breaks then re-breaks rocks until they are the desired diameter. This makes a jaw crusher a good crusher to use when breaking down rocks that have just arrived from a mine. 

Cone Crushers

A cone crusher consists of two cones. The bottom cone will have the narrow end of the cone facing upward. The second cone fits down around the first cone. A cone crusher will not accept any rocks that are larger than the opening between the two cones at the top. On the other hand, cone crushers can handle a large volume of rocks, so they can speed up your production time. Cone crushers are typically best used as a secondary crusher to further break down rocks that have already passed through another crusher. 

If you generally have small diameter rocks, then you might be able to use a cone crusher as your only piece of crushing equipment. On the other hand, if you have large rocks that you simply need to break down to a smaller diameter you might be better off using a jaw crusher as your only piece of equipment. If you have large rocks that you need to break down to powder or sand, you should consider using both a jaw crusher and a cone crusher. If you are new to the mining business or are at a loss for how to improve the production at your mine, you should talk to a crusher manufacturer to decide what combination of crushers will work best for your needs. Talk with a company like Don Leslie Supply, Inc. about other mining equipment you might need.

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