Gravel Delivery 101: A Guide For New Customers

If you have an area of your property that is consistently traveled on by vehicles, it is only logical to ensure there is something on the ground to protect the surface and to prevent tracks and damage. Even though concrete or pavement is the most preferable pathway covering, gravel easily takes its place as the second runner-up because it is much less expensive. If you plan to have a load of gravel delivered to your property, there is no doubt that you will have a few questions as a first-time customer. Here are a few of the biggest questions you will want to know the answers to when it comes to dump truck gravel delivery.

Will the dump truck spread the gravel when it is delivered?

The dump truck driver will likely try to spread the gravel as it is eliminated from the truck, according to your needs, instead of just dumping it in a pile. It is a good idea to make sure you are home when the load of gravel is scheduled to arrive so you can give the driver any directions about how you want the gravel placed.

How much will you be charged for each delivered load?

In addition to paying for the gravel itself, you will likely also be charged a delivery fee for each load. Most dump truck services will charge a minimum of $50 per load delivered. This cost can vary depending on how far away from the distributor you live and how difficult your property is to access. Additionally, you may be charged extra if the driver is expected to spread the gravel as it is dispersed.

Will the dump truck damage your property during gravel delivery?

The driver will do all they can to make sure they do not cause any damage to your property during the delivery process. However, a dump truck without a load of material can weigh as much as much as a couple of tons or more. Therefore, some tracks and marking on soft surfaces should be expected. This is one reason why it is always best to have gravel delivered after a period of dry weather. If you are excessively concerned about causing damage to your grass or property with the delivery, you can arrange for the gravel to be dropped at a predetermined spot and hauled by hand to its destination.

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