Answers To Air Compressor Problems

Air compressors can serve a number of purposes for your business, but these devices must be properly maintained or else they will experience major malfunctions. If your air compressor has started to experience some problems, you may not fully understand what is needed to correct these issues. By considering the following couple of questions and answers, you will be able to minimize the disruptions a couple of common issues may cause. 

What Can Be Done When The Air Pressure Decreases?

One of the more common issues that can arise with these systems is a sudden decrease in the air pressure. This problem can be particularly troublesome because it can have a profound impact on your tools' performance. While many people assume that this always indicates a mechanical problem with the compressor's motor, this may not be the case. 

A particularly common cause of this problem is a leak in the air hose. These leaks can develop due to normal wear and tear, but it is a relatively simple problem to address. The surest way to repair this problem is to simply change the hose, but if you do not have a spare hose available, you can wrap electrical tape around the leak to help reduce its effects. However, this is only a temporary repair, and you will likely notice a decrease in performance until you replace the hose. 

Will Cold Weather Impact The Performance Of The Air Compressor?

It is relatively common for air compressors to encounter problems during cold weather, but these issues most often stem from the oil being too cool to properly lubricate the motor. To avoid this problem, you should make sure that the air compressor is always stored inside when it is not actively needed.

However, there will be times when the air compressor is in the field, and it may not be needed for several hours. In this scenario, you will want to have a portable heater and keep the air compressor near it during times when it is not needed. This will help keep the oil warm enough to ensure it functions effectively.

Your business's air compressor is likely an essential tool for the day to day tasks of your workers. As a result, a malfunctioning air compressor can create serious issues for your enterprise. By knowing how to address common sources of low air pressure problems and how to minimize the effects of cold weather, you will be better able to ensure that your air compressor works for your employees. For more information on addressing issues with your air compressor, contact a compressor service company like Compressed Air Systems.

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