Troubleshooting A Few Of The Most Frequent Pallet Jack Issues

In a warehouse setting, there are few things more important than the warehouse handling equipment and supplies that you use daily to perform basic tasks. The pallet jack could easily be called one of the most valuable pieces of warehouse equipment, as it requires no fuel to operate and makes it possible to move pallets of product with ease to different destinations. If you have pallet jacks that are in disrepair, there is no doubt that you will see a slower production rate from your employees. Here are a few of the most frequent issues that can come up with pallet jacks and the simple fixes you should know when you manage a warehouse. 

Problem: The pallet jack drives rough when weighted down with a load. 

Cause and Solution: each fork of the pallet jack has a steel wheel at the end. If these wheels become worn, damaged, or dirty, the pallet jack will not navigate as smoothly as it should. Clean the wheels thoroughly with a wire brush and look for signs of warping or damage. If the wheels are indeed damaged, they will need to be removed and replaced. 

Problem: The jack will not lift a pallet when you try to manually jack it up. 

Cause and Solution: If repeated jacking of the handle supplies no lifting results, you are having issues with the spring that applies pressure to the hydraulic piston at the base of the handle. Make sure the spring is not broken or compressed when the pallet jack is fully decompressed. If it is, the spring will have to be replaced, which will involve removing the handle. 

Problem: The pallet jack will raise a pallet, but quickly loses pressure and lowers. 

Cause and Solution: If the jack will not support the weight of the pallet once it is lifted, there is a good chance that the hydraulic housing is leaking pressure. In most cases, this is because the casing is cracked or damaged. Raise the jack with a pallet on and carefully feel for air pressure releasing around the hydraulic housing of the jack at the base of the handle. If you feel air, inspect the casing for signs of damage and repair if possible. 

Taking just a few minutes to solve some of the most frequent issues you have with pallet jacks in your warehouse will easily help things run more smoothly overall. If you are having issues with your jacks that you cannot diagnose on your own, it is always a good idea to talk to a representative from the manufacturer for advice, information, and possible on-site attention. 

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